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Unlike other Hollywood aviation aircrafts, Airwolf was used as an Air Ambulance and saved many lives during her service in real life.   

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Tribute: Careflight Rescue Helicopter Honoring Airwolf

CareFlight's Bell 230 is from the same family of helicopters as the one used on the old school TV show - AIRWOLF.  


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  • This website was created to honor all of the EMS crew (ground and air ambulances). It was also created in memory of all the EMS men and women that have died in the line of duty, including Airwolf and its crew.  A Tribute to Airwolf - an awesome helicopter that was transformed into an Air Ambulance in Germany which saved many lives. R.I.P. Airwolf and its crew.   

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Check out the "Site Map" to navigate through this website.  Also check out Airwolf Q & A.