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Take a look at some of these interesting short video clips below.  Come back soon as I will be adding more short videos:  Topics include: Women Drivers,  Lipstick on Mirror Lesson, Looney Tunes: Southwest Flight, Crazy Plastic Ball Surprise, A Little Girl Calls 911, How to Get Out of Debt, Amazing Facts Guides, Toy Story vs. The Walking Dead, Amazing Facts about the Titanic, The Truth about Hell, and so much more.

Women Drivers

How do you feel about women drivers?  As you watch this short video, listen to the conversation and watch what happens.  

Lipstick on Mirror Lesson


These girls will never kiss mirror in school again!

Looney Tunes: Southwest Flight

Zachary James Haumesser has been a skilled puppeteer for over 15 years.  When not performing, Zach is a flight attendant entertaining customers aboard Southwest Airlines.  http://www.zachhaumesser.com

Little Girl Calls 911

A very sweet call of a 5 year old girl to 911. 

Become Debt Free: RUN!!!

Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey?  Watch this "Gazelle Intense" short video and GET OUT and STAY OUT OF DEBT!   Watch a man save gazelle from Cheetah video, click here

Super Heroes: Behind the Masks

Superman, Batman, Thor, and many more make their appearances and unmask their true colors in this ever so clear evidentiary documentary.  

Crazy Plastic Ball Surprise!

Can you imagine opening the door of this house?  lol

The Truth About Hell

Hell is a "Hot" topic these days. Does God burn people in the flames of hell forever? Have you wondered how a God of love could do such a thing? Watch the short video below find out some shocking answers that will bring peace to your soul!   www.HellTruth.com

Toy Story vs. The Walking Dead

Have you ever wondered what Toy Story has in common with The Walking Dead?  Read more:  www.LifeAfterDeath.tv 

The Truth About the Life After

Have you heard conflicting theories regarding what happens to you when you die?   Take a look at this short video clip.  www.TruthAboutDeath.com

Amazing Facts Guides

Excellent for personal study or with a group, these winsome, uplifting lessons will bring you and those you share them with faith, hope, and clarity.  Take a look online for free:  www.FreeBibleGuides.com

The Unsinkable Ship

The theme of this presentation is the unsinkable ship and it begins with a focus on the Titanic and amazing facts about it. The Titanic ignored warnings and didn't take heed to icebergs. Take notes and learn how you can avoid making similar mistakes.  

Foundation of Prophecy DVD-ROM

The Prophecy Foundations DVD features dozens of hours of video and audio presentations and hundreds of pages of study resources to get you up close and personal with God’s Word, more than you ever imagined possible! Now you can easily find and search the Bible information you need to know—it’s all right here on one of our most comprehensive Bible study tools! (No Internet connection required.)   www.FreeGiftDVD.net

An Amazing Story about Juliane

Juliane Koepcke was a German Peruvian high school senior student studying in Lima, intending to become a zoologist, like her parents. She and her mother, ornithologist Maria Kopecke, were traveling to meet with her father, biologist Hans-Wilhelm Koepcke, who was working in the city of Pucallpa. The airplane was struck by lightning during a severe thunderstorm and broke up in mid-air, disintegrating at 10,000 ft. Koepcke, who was seventeen years old, fell to earth still strapped into her seat. 

Magic Kingdom Segment

Childhood is one of the key stages in the development of the human mind. It shapes who we will be in life and seals the majority of our character in stone. Cartoons target these young impressionable minds.What are their “magic” messages? Could underlying content be more than just for children? It is a battle between God and the powers of darkness for dominion in the hearts of the innocent.

Dangers of TV Shows & Movies

 Time      Subject

18:32 - Denzel Washington and 60 Minutes Interview
19:45 - Oprah Winfrey
29:14 - "American Pie" and How It Affects Children
32:11 - "I Love Lucy" Truth
33:57 - "The Pink Panther" Truth
34:41 - Peter Evans Testimony
34:54 - Robin Williams Testimony
35:28 - Keanu Reeves Testimony
35:41 - Leonardo DiCaprio Testimony
36:08 - What kind of messages are coming out of Hollywood?
36:45 - "I am God" vs. "There is no God" 

What Is Coming Out of Hollywood?

 Time     Subject

3:23 - Does TV really affect you? Isn't it just entertainment?
3:40 - Kevin Smith
10:02 - The truth about Super Heroes
10:48 - The powers of being a god
11:20 - "The world doesn't need a Savior and neither do I."
11:25 - Biblical Parallels in Movies
18:30 - X-Men Truth
21:8 - Pan and Pan's Labyrinth
24:32 - Philip Pullman's children's books
31:57 - Peter Pan Truth
32:57 - Chronicles of Narnia - Mr. Tumnus
38:08 - Fight Club "What does this tell you about God?" 

The Remnant Study Bible

The new Remnant Study Bible has all the study aids serious Bible students have come to expect, like book introductions and outlines, an extensive concordance, over 40,000 cross references, words of Christ in red, maps, and charts.  Check it out: www.MyStudyBible.net

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