• These are my favorite "fantasy" cars!  I like the '57 Chevy and the Pontiac TransAM, especially with KITT installed in these classic vehicles.  

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  •  Photo by: Sonders Photography.  Watch YouTube Video.

  •  Knight Rider: "Knight Rider is an American television series created and produced by Glen A. Larson. The series was originally broadcast on NBC from 1982 to 1986.  The show stars David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a high-tech modern crime fighter assisted by KITT, an advanced artificially intelligent, self-aware and nearly indestructible car." - WIkipedia.

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KITT in a '57 Chevy


'57 Chevy


KITT in a '57 Chevy


KITT's Scanner

'57 Chevy Knight Rider (KITT)

In the "Knight Rider 2000" movie, Michael Knight puts KITT into a 1957 Chevy.  The video below is what a 1957 Chevy looks like without KITT.

Knight Rider's Main Theme

Famous words of Wilton Knight: "One man can make a difference." 

Knight Rider TV Show

The Original Hybrid Car | NBC Classics 


Michael Knight is Introduced to KITT in the Original Knight Rider Series.

Knight Rider Fan-Made Cars

Athena scans 30 years of TV's Knight Rider, chats with KITT's designer Michael Scheffe, and takes a ride in these beautiful Trans Ams and Mustangs. 

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