Airwolf Sightings

Spy Alert:  Airwolf is back on the radar!

Airwolf Sighting #2

Fly With Airwolf!

  • The world’s most famous helicopter is back and offering you some very special and unique flight experiences.On arrival at a top secret location, you will attend a briefing with agents from “The Firm” followed by an adrenaline pumping flight in a Bell 206 Jetranger where you will be hunted by the “Wolf” across the skies of Kent. These flights are definitely one of a kind and will have you grinning for weeks afterwards.Once safely back on the ground see AirWolf perform a breath-taking display guaranteed to keep you entertained with its unique rotor thud, fast passes, low speed manoeuvres and wing overs.Your day will also include seeing AirWolf up close and personal with a chance to talk to the pilot.  Learn More.

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