Airwolf (Bell 222) Air Ambulance Helicopter

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After the show was canceled, the modifications were removed (now owned by a private collector) from the actual helicopter. It was repainted and eventually sold to the German helicopter charter company, Hubschrauber-Sonder-Dienst (aka HSD Luftrettung and Blue Helicopter Alliance), and given the registration number D-HHSD.

On the afternoon of Saturday, June 6th, 1992, while operating as an air ambulance, D-HHSD was flying a little girl suffering from heavy burns on a mercy mission from Berlin to the Cologne University Burns Unit in Köln. 

After safely delivering the girl, the helicopter and its crew of three was returning to Berlin when they encountered unexpected weather. With the visibility reduced to nearly 100 feet due to fog amidst a brewing thunderstorm, the copter's 42 year old pilot must have struggled to navigate the wooded German mountainsides.

The air ambulance helicopter (formerly known as Airwolf) crashed in fog on June 6, 1992, killing all three of its occupants.  Read More: Angel of Mercy.



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CareFlite's flagship is its helicopter service. Established in 1979 with one helicopter shared between two hospitals, CareFlite now operates 6 helicopter bases at Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital, Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Denton Regional Airport, McKinney National Airport, Whitney, TX and the Granbury Municipal Airport. Over 106,000 patients have been airlifted by CareFlite since 1979. 


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All medical crewmembers are trained in trauma, cardiac, neonatal, obstetrics, pediatrics, and burn care, as well as lab proficiency skills. Minimum certifications are Advanced Cardiac Live Support (ACLS), Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Neonatal Resuscitation Provider (NRP).   For questions about CareFlite’s 911/EMS and ground
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Careflite Landing

Careflite In Action

Lewisville, Texas:  Lewisville Fire Department (TX) airlifting a patient using Careflite, 2011. 

Careflite Airlifting a Patient

 Lewisville (TX) Fire Department airlifting a patient using Careflite. 

Careflite Flight Training

CareFlite Helicopter Training Denton Airport Texas

Careflite Take Off

CareFlite medical helicopter taking off from the Lewisville FD's Open House, en route to an accident. 

CareFlite Flight Nurses

CareFlite Flight Nurses on Saving Lives and Flying in the Bell 429

Careflite Crash

September 30, 2012


Photo by:  Sam Williams 

A Careflite helicopter made a hard landing in a field.  According to reports, the helicopter was on it’s way to pick up a patient at Eastland Memorial Hospital when it had engine problems.  The incident is being investigated by the FAA.  Three crew members received minor injuries and were transported to Eastland Memorial Hospital.  Read More.  

Careflite At Night